You can find on this page the Switzerland stadiums map to print and to download in PDF. The Switzerland main stadiums map presents informations, teams and competitions of Switzerland in Western Europe.

Switzerland stadiums map

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The Switzerland stadiums map shows all main stadiums of Switzerland. This stadiums map of Switzerland will allow you to know stadiums locations and list of teams stadiums in Switzerland in Western Europe. The Switzerland stadiums map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

St. Jakob-Park, nicknamed Joggeli, its construction began in December 1998 after the old St. Jakob-Stadion that stood in its place had first been demolished. St. Jakob-Park is located in the south-east of the city of Basel, about 3 kilometres from Basel city centre and slightly less from the central railway station (Bahnhoff SBB). Part of the St. Jakob-Park complex are a shopping mall and a 70-metre tall residential tower as you can see in Switzerland stadiums map. Stade de Suisse was built at the site of Bern famous Wankdorfstadion. The old stadium got demolished in 2001, after which was started with the construction of the new one. Stade de Suisse officially opened on 30 July 2005. A first test match had already been played 14 days earlier when Young Boys took on Olympique de Marseille (2-3).

Stade de Genève officially opened on 16 March 2003 with a match between Servette and Young Boys (1-1). Construction of the stadium had started two years earlier. The stadium came at a cost of CHF 240 million. Stade de Genève is located in the south of the city of Geneva, about 3.5 kilometres from Geneva historic centre and a kilometre more from Geneva main railway station as its shown in Switzerland stadiums map. Stadion Letzigrund was built in 2007 to replace the old Letzigrund stadium that had stood in its place since 1926. The old stadium got demolished in 2006, and one year later, on the 30th of August 2007, the new Letzigrund officially opened with the Weltklasse Zürch athletics championships. Apart from hosting football matches, Letzigrund is also extensively used for athletics events, culminating in the annual Welklasse Zürich, arguably the world most important one-day athletics event.

Kybunpark, previously known as AFG Arena, replaced St. Gallen old Espenmoos Stadion, which lacked the facilities of modern era stadiums. The stadium is part of a larger complex that includes a shopping centre underneath the stadium, and an IKEA next door as its mentioned in Switzerland stadiums map. The costs of the AFG Arena were CHF69 million, while the whole complex costed CHF 271 million. In 2016, the stadium changed name from AFG Arena to kybunpark following a new naming rights sponsorship deal. The swissporarena was built on the same site as Luzern old Stadion Allmend. Construction started in September 2009 and was completed almost 2 years later. Total costs of construction amounted to CHF 80 million. The swissporarena is located slightly more than 2 kilometres south of Luzern city centre and main railway station. The walk from the southern side of Luzern city centre takes about 20 minutes.